About Me

Octavia Drughi writer and climber

I’m Octavia Drughi. Climber. Writer. Dirtbag.

My blog, Two Dirtbags, is a doorway into my funky mind and lifestyle.

Years ago, together with my husband, we made a decision. A decision to dismiss the norms, to say no to mindless consumerism, to simplify, to escape the rat race, to value time over money.

It all started with our great escape from Romania’s capital, Bucharest, to the mountains, a place where we felt we belonged.

In time, we tried to simplify our existence even more. We sold the house we were living in and moved into a small, low-maintenance apartment. I quit my job in marketing and began working in rope access on a project-by-project basis, wherever and whenever there was work. Not only does this give me the freedom I long for, but I’m also breaking stereotypes. After all, women are not exactly a frequent sight in rope access, especially in this part of the world.

Now, we climb as much as we can. When we have enough money, we take to the road. When money is short, we climb closer to home. Or we set out with the bare minimum – our small car loaded with camping gear and provisions. We stay in a place for as long as we can, usually in our tent, cooking over the campfire, bathing in the river or sea. Our hair and clothes smell of campfire smoke, our palms are rough, our faces are tanned, and we wear a large smile.

Yes, we follow the dirtbag lifestyle and we love it!

I won’t lie; this path is not the easiest. Most of the time, freedom tastes so sweet. But there are moments when it gets…bitter-sweet. But then again, I kinda like bitter stuff, so why complain? We embrace the dirtbag way with all its delights and challenges, living life on our own terms.

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