Chilling & Climbing in Kaș, Turkey

Big Pebble Beach in Kaș Turkey

On our way to Antalya for a longer climbing trip (exactly how long had yet to be decided), we took the scenic road for a change. That brought us to the charming coastal town of Kaș, which, I must say, totally exceeded our expectations. 

Nestled on the Turquoise Coast (aka Turkish Riviera), Kaș is an adorable little gem with unique chill vibes that made us feel right at home from the get-go. With hidden coves, adorable little pebble beaches, hypnotizing turquoise Mediterranean, rugged islands, historical and natural sights (that you can explore for free), it is the place to kick back and relax.

Plus, you can get pretty active here. Kaș is Turkey’s number one scuba diving destination and there’s some impressive rock climbing near Kaș, at Kaputaș. For us, this whole package made for an excellent beginning to our trip.

Kaș in a nutshell

Kaș Turkey

Kaș is a chic coastal town with rocky, turquoise coves, two charming harbors, and whitewashed houses overlooking the Mediterranean. The Dodecanese island Kastellorizo is only seven kilometers away and Strongyli, the easternmost Greek territory, is quite close too. So yeah, the whole place feels and looks a bit Greek. 

Despite its popularity and postcard-perfect coastline, there’s no mass-tourism yet. In the off-season there are mostly locals, Turkish travelers, and a few foreigners trying to escape the winter back home. Still, Kaș is very much alive, with colorful, bustling pedestrian streets, bars, taverns, cafes, gift shops, crafts, even a weekly farmer’s market. Very chill, dirtbag-friendly vibes everywhere this time of year.

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Rock climbing at Kaș – Kaputaș

Climbing Kaș Kaputaș Turkey

Some 19 km west of Kaș, towards Kalkan, the spectacular D400 state road crosses a tiny bridge over a canyon. Just under the bridge, there’s the incredibly picturesque Kaputaș Beach, a wide sand and pebble cove enclosed by rock cliffs on each end. The color of the water is simply mesmerizing; no wonder it’s considered one of the best beaches in Turkey. In the off-season, when there are no umbrellas and sunbeds, it’s the stuff of dreams.

The beach is also called Canyon Mouth Beach because of the narrow canyon behind it – Kaputaș Maǧarası. There are over 20 sport climbing routes at Kaputaș Canyon, and there’s definitely potential for more in this stunning location. We even saw some lines with questionable, rusty old bolts that looked quite interesting.

Climbing in Kaș Kaputaș Turkey

Tufas, stalactites, cauliflowers, crimps, pockets – there’s quite a lot to play with at Kaputaș.

The routes vary in difficulty, from 5c to 7b, even a project. They also vary in length, from 15 to 35 meters. There are slightly overhanging lines, as well as vertical and slab. The climbing area at Kaș-Kaputaș appears in the Climbing in Antalya Guidebook, but not all of the routes are listed there. 

Although it may look dark and a bit creepy when you first see it from the road, the canyon feels quite nice. When we were there, there was only a light breeze, as opposed to the beach, which was quite windy. The canyon also gets a bit of sun during the day, but it doesn’t stay in one place for long. 

Kaputaș is not a popular climbing destination; maybe because there aren’t many routes and it’s a bit far from the other climbing spots in Antalya. But it’s definitely worth a visit and it does make for a nice short trip within a longer trip. It’s a good place to practice tufa climbing, it’s great for beginners, and has some challenging and bouldery lines, too.

The stalactites are fragile, so please be wary of that. Oh, and don’t forget to chill at the beach after a day of climbing; perhaps even between attempts. 

What is the best time to climb at Kaș – Kaputaș?

Climbing in Kaș at Kaputaș Canyon

Same as with climbing in Antalya, this is a winter destination. We climbed at Kaputaș in January and it was great – super dry, climbed in a T-shirt in the shade and a tank top in the sun. 

After long periods of rain, obviously the tufas and stalactites get wet and probably stay that way for a while. Also, it might not be a good idea to be in the canyon during heavy rain. In spring, there’s a waterfall at the end of the canyon and a stream that could make it hard to access some of the routes. 

Getting to the climbing sector at Kaputaș

Kaputaș Beach Kaș Turkey

There are parking places next to the road and some steep stairs that go down to the beach. To get to the climbing sector in the Kaputaș Canyon, go down the stairs and turn right between the terraces. You’ll soon reach a parapet; climb over it and you’re there.

If you’re going to Kaș from Antalya for a break and a change of scenery, the drive to Kaputaș is about 200-kilometers long. The drive is very impressive to say the least, especially the part of the coast, but also challenging. Although you could technically make this a one-day trip, I would recommend staying in Kaș for a while to really take in the beauty of the whole place.

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What to do in Kaș

For a small town, Kaș sure has a lot to offer. Besides climbing at Kaputaș, which was the very thing that brought us here in the first place, there’s a lot to do in and around this pretty little coastal town.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving Kaș Turkey

Kaș is Turkey’s premiere diving destination; it’s one of the best in the Mediterranean, too. That sure says a lot. There are over 30 dive sites in Kaș, with sunken wrecks (planes, ships), ancient relics, underwater caves, interesting rock formations, canyons, tunnels, all with amazing visibility year-round. 

Officially, the diving season in Kaș is between April and October, but there are a bunch of diving centers that operate year-round. We were there in January and saw divers at Big Pebble Beach (Büyük Çakıl Plajı) every day.

Beach hopping

Beach in Kaș Turkey

Chilling on the beach is always a good idea, no matter the time of year. One of the (many) things I loved about Kaș is that it has small, hidden coves, unlike those long stretches of beach that are so common in the bigger resorts. 

Small Pebble Beach Kaș Turkey

Small Pebble Beach (Küçük Çakıl Plajı) is the closest to the town center. Just as the name suggests, it’s small. Really small. But quite adorable, with cliffs on each side and sundecks on top of them. 

Big Pebble Beach (Büyük Çakıl Plajı) is perhaps the most picturesque in Kaș. Located to the east of town, about 1.5 km from the center, this cove is simply stunning. The wide pebble beach is enclosed by cliffs and has a hippie vibe in the off-season – a handful of tourists, vans parked near the beach, scuba divers, fishermen, locals coming for a swim and a picnic, and lots of cats. 

İnceboğaz Beach Kaș Turkey

Then you have the beaches on the Çukurbağ Peninsula. One I particularly liked was İnceboğaz Beach (İnceboğaz Plajı), which consists of two very picturesque pebble beaches on the left and right of the peninsula, right where the Çukurbağ Peninsula gets super narrow. 

There are some smaller beaches to the west of the marina in Kaș, and a popular one is Akçagerme Beach (Akçagerme Plajı). To the east of Kaș, in a protected cove, there is Limanağzı Beach (Limanağzı Plajı). The place also has some Lycian tombs. 

Walk around the Old Town

Kaș Old Town

The Old Town isn’t that big, but there’s enough to keep you busy. Something I particularly enjoyed about it was that there was none of that hassle that’s so characteristic to Turkish touristic areas.

You can stroll down the Kaș Bazaar, a colorful and lively shopping street. Explore the narrow cobblestone streets with Ottoman buildings and their wooden balconies overflowing with colorful flowers. Check out the bars, taverns, cafes, gift shops, and local crafts. Take it easy.

Look out for remnants of the ancient city of Antiphellos

King's Tomb in Kaș Turkey

Antiphellos was an ancient harbor city and one of the oldest Lycian settlements. To this day, Kaș keeps some some traces of it in excellent condition. One would be the King’s Tomb, an impressive Lycian tomb in the form of a sarcophagus at one end of the Kaș Bazaar. 

Close to where the Çukurbağ Peninsula meets the mainland, you’ll find the remnants of a Hellenistic temple dating from the 3rd century BC, dedicated to an unknown god.  

Lycian tombs in Kas, Turkey

Just above the Old Town, several Lycian rock-cut tombs can be seen in the rocky slope. Some stairs between the houses and a path lead these Lycian tombs, some more elaborate than others. The rock tombs are open any time of day and there is no entry fee.

Antiphellos Greek Theater in Kaș, Turkey

Only a 10-minute walk from the Old Town, close to where the Çukurbağ Peninsula meets the mainland, the Antiphellos Hellenistic Theater is a small yet very impressive amphitheater. What’s truly remarkable about it is its position. Perched right above the coast, you can sit on its “benches” and admire “the show” – the sea, islands, rugged mainland. Truly mesmerizing.

Antiphellos Amphitheater is open any time of day and there is no entry fee.

Lycian tomb in Kaș, Turkey

Behind the amphitheater, to the northeast, there is a path leading to an isolated Lycian tomb known as the Akdam Doric Rock Tomb. Its shape is a reflection of a traditional Lycian wooden house.

Walk around the Çukurbağ Peninsula

Çukurbağ Peninsula Kaș Turkey

Coming from the town center, soon after passing by Antiphellos Amphitheater, the Çukurbağ Peninsula gets super narrow, 100 meters wide or so, at İnceboğaz. That’s where you’ll find two adorable pebble beaches on each side. Then, the peninsula gets wide again and there are a couple more spectacular beaches on the southern side. At the tip of the peninsula, there are a bunch of hotels, holiday villas, and luxury homes.

So, if you feel like taking a longer walk, the panoramic views of Kaș, Kastellorizo, and the other islands in the distance won’t disappoint.

Çukurbağ Peninsula is also a coveted diving destination, just like the rest of Kaș. 

Where to stay

When it comes to places to stay, Kaș offers plenty of options for all budgets and preferences.


Kaș has a good choice of Airbnbs and hotel rooms. Most of them are reasonably priced and have an excellent location (aka close to the coast).

The dirtbag way

Dirtbag vibes in Kaș Turkey

Kaș seems to be a (relatively) dirtbag-friendly place, especially during off-season. 

There are quite a few campsites in Kaș – a couple of campsites to the east, near Büyükçakıl Plajı, one on the Çukurbağ Peninsula, below Antiphellos Theater, another one next to Kaş Marina. 

We saw a bunch of vans parked on the beach at Büyükçakıl Plajı. We also saw vans on the Çukurbağ Peninsula, parked next to the road under Antiphellos amphitheater, as well as on the way to İnceboğaz Beach. 

Overall, we found it easy to get around and relatively cheap to get by (compared to European prices for groceries and other basic items). We got drinking water from a water fountain on the road between Büyükçakıl Plajı and the Old Town. There are supermarkets in the city center and there are locals selling fresh produce. There’s also a weekly farmers’ market in Kaș (Kaş Pazarı) on Fridays, located next to the marina, close to where the Çukurbağ Peninsula meets the mainland. 

Join in on the Turkish coastal vibes

Kaș Turkey

If someone pulled you up and dropped you down in Kaș, you’d probably have a hard time figuring out where you are. That is until you hear the Turkish all around and find your way onto the vibrant streets of the Old Town. Oh yeah, there’s a lot of activity going on around the town center and harbor; any time of day. Not in a disturbing, tiring way, but rather in a way that makes you want to join in on the fun. 

The easygoing vibes in Kaș are simply contagious. But don’t you mistake this for a sleepy village. Far from it! It’s hard to describe it, so let me just say this – it’s relaxed, yet bustling; chilled, yet active. Kinda like we are. That’s probably why we felt so close to it.

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